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    Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

RIC has a large network of storage facilities throughout Kuwait which allows us to store a wide array of perishable goods at a variable temperatures with ease.

In addition to extensive storage capabilities, RIC also owns a large array of vehicles available which allows us to transport and deliver perishables throughout the region. Our long history of storing perishables, and our long term affiliation with Lloyds of London ensures that we offer a cutting edge services coupled with a wealth of experience.

As per an agreement with Kuwait’s Customs Authority, RIC Shuwaikh Port Cold Stores are classified as a customs bonded warehouse with the Customs Inspection Service stationed at both of the RIC cold stores warehouses.

A significant landmark on the historical map of Kuwait, the cold store section of RIC is an excellent example of RIC’s contribution towards the Kuwaiti economy. Being the perpetuators of change in the storage industry, RIC transformed the face of product supplies in Kuwait, and thus our cold stores within the Shuwaikh Port were even featured on the Kuwaiti currency.