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About RIC

RIC is a group holding company that provides the highest quality products and services to cater for both residential and commercial customers. In our 41 years of establishment we have developed a strong foothold within the Kuwaiti market. We are extremely proud of our achievements, but even more so we are proud of the fact that we have been protecting the people of Kuwait from bad weather, whether it may be hot, dusty or humid, RIC and our products and services have always been there for Kuwait’s people and we will continue to do so.

Considering that RIC was a landmark formation for the Kuwait region we were, understandably, faced with great expectations for success. The company was, and still is, considered to be a milestone by the people of Kuwait as we provided products and services to evolve the Kuwait environment. After nearly 40 years the question of whether we have fulfilled these expectations arises, has RIC shouldered its responsibilities? The answer – yes. With nearly 41 years of uninterrupted service against all odds, be it extreme weather conditions, war, economic recessions and the ever increasing competition is testimony to the fact that we have accomplished what we had set out for.

Key Facts

  • RIC built the world’s largest cold store complex for the Ministry of Health in 1979. the Central Medical Cold Store Complex was constructed on a BOT agreement and is also the largest refrigerated store in the Middle East. The total project cost was KD 12 million and has a volume of 330,000 cubic meters.
  • RIC plants has been producing the Middle East renowned COOLEX brand since 1986.
  • RIC Served the Supply Chain Solutions, through its warehouses and logistics, with the Coalition Forces during the Iraq reconstruction initiatives. We have proudly worked with all major armies including:

  • US Military
  • British Army
  • Japanese Army
  • Dutch Army
  • Italian Army

For more information please download our below Full Corporate file:

“Pioneering Effective Solutions through Pragmatic and Progressive Approaches”