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    HVAC Projects

HVAC Projects

Our projects department will expertly manage all project areas from estimation to execution which ensures excellent customer service and satisfaction. Commissioning of all civil and electromechanical projects is another area of expertise for our projects division with their starting point, HVAC related projects.

Our HVAC projects offer solutions with added value. We are able to excel at what we provide as a result of over 35 years of specialised experience, outstanding research and development and strong motivation, enthusiasm and drive to persistently improve in any way we can.

HVAC is at the core of our business and as such it would be difficult to list every project we have ever undertaken. We have, however, included a list of recent projects below:

  • Ministry of Health, Rehabilitation of Hospitals
  • Ministry of Education, Rehabilitation of Schools
  • Amiry Guard New Premises
  • Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)